Interior Style with Cacti and Succulents

The interiors world has gone crazy over cacti and succulents. In addition to the fiddle leaf fig and the snake plant, cacti and succulents are fast becoming the industry’s new favourite indoor plants.

Popular during the fifties, it seems only natural that with the revival of mid-century design elements in home furnishings and accessories, architectural plants would be embraced once again. But how you display your plants and what you display them in, is the key to creating a fresh, modern look fit for today’s interior.

Five reasons to love cacti and succulents:

  1. Their unusual textures and organic shape give them the visual appearance of sculptures. (Instant art and greenery in your home without the hefty price tag!)
  2. They are happy, even when neglected (you can take that two week holiday and not fret about watering them!).
  3. They look terrific as a single plant, as a pair, or grouped together in a cluster.
  4. Filled with character and personality, they suit a variety of interior design styles from modern to rustic, beach to eclectic and compliment any colour scheme. You can successfully pair them with natural or woven textures, mix with sleek monochromatic, bold or neutral colour schemes and even with metallic themes.
  5. They can add a visual anchor point to a room and will blend with most colour themes.

To increase the visual size of your plants display them on a stand or table. Stands with splayed legs, pastel coloured pots and ultra white sand convey a cool retro look.

If you are styling a small shelf or space, look for petite varieties of cactus and succulents.  An effective way to display these smaller varieties is to choose a few, each with the same type of pot and line them up in a row.  Choose unusual geometric wooden or concrete pots to enhance your display.

A small group of cactus plants displayed in plain white or black and white pots create a sleek, crisp, modern look and is perfect for a Scandi style interior.

Woven baskets add texture and convey a relaxed vibe and suit eclectic, beach and natural inspired design schemes.

To keep your children’s wandering hands prickle free, consider displaying cactus under bell jars or in terrariums.

Instead of your usual coffee table accessories, choose small cactus plants and succulents for their sculptural qualities, they look great in low line pots.

For a super stylish on trend option, display your cactus in a metallic vases or pots. If you don’t have one, grab some metallic spray paint and get creative. Think rose gold, copper, galvanised metal or silver.

Look out for sacks and bags which can double up as plant pots or plant pot covers. These not only help tie in the colour scheme but also the chosen decor theme of your interior.

Everyone will benefit from a bit of greenery in a room, not just for the appearance, but also to help purify the air.

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