Succulent Planting Ideas and Care

Succulents are easy to take care of, so even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can still keep a thriving indoor or outdoor garden filled with these beauties. Succulents come in many different colours or textures, so each garden you plant has the potential to be completely unique.

These drought-resistant plants can easily be installed both in traditional planters and in vertical wall gardens, without much mess. Just simply mist your succulents and watch them thrive.

So whenever you go out to garage sales, flea markets, or even antique shops, keep an eye peeled for unique, beautiful containers that you can use to create succulent displays both indoors and outdoors.

Succulents are incredibly sturdy and diverse, and can even be manipulated into a living wreath.

An old, distressed wrought iron birdcage is the perfect hanging planter to stuff full of floral-shaped succulents. The plants poke through the bars and reach for the sun.

Even an old, rusty toolbox can be easily converted into a succulent display. Perfect for industrial style homes.

A picture frame can easily be transformed into a beautiful piece of wall art that can be displayed both indoors or out. This particular display features many colourful and tiny varieties of succulents.


Most varieties need at least half a day to a full day of sunlight. In extremely hot areas some afternoon shade is recommended.


Remove plants from their pots and plant making sure the soil level remains the same depth on the plant. Once established, your succulents will benefit from a layer of pebbles or pea gravel spread on the soil around the plant. This is also very decorative.


Succulents need good draining soil. When planting in the garden, make sure the area drains well and is not in a low spot that would stay wet. For container planting you can purchase cactus soil or incorporate sand, gravel or volcanic rock for better drainage. The container you are planting in should have a drainage hole or put crushed rock on the bottom before your planting medium.


After planting, water in well and allow the soil to dry slightly before watering again. Succulents don’t like to have wet feet.


Most succulents need very little fertilizer. Watering with a well balanced fertilizer once a month will be all they need.

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