5 for the Weekend from Australian Desert Blooms

Why not spend some time on the weekend creating a low maintenance indoor or outdoor garden with some of our awesome 5 For the Weekend selections.

Senecio Crassissimus (also known as Vertical Leaf Senecio)

Commonly found in Madagascar, this succulent has vertical growth of bluish grey, with purple rimmed flat fleshy leaves. Thick swollen upright stems produce yellow daisy like flowers at the tips in mid summer to autumn.

Sempervivum Guiseppe

Found in the mountainous regions of central and southern Europe and Mediterranean islands. A reliable hardy hybrid with large rosettes making a small mound. They were considered sacred to Jupiter in Roman and to Thor in Nordic mythology. The flower was said to resemble the beard of God.

Oreocereus Celsianus (also known as The Old Man of the Mountain)

Native to the higher regions of the Andes in South America and is named for its fluffy white hair. It is a very hardy cactus and is branched at the base with thick stems with straight ribs. It produces pink flowers that are funnel shaped and globular fruits that burst open at the base.

Euphoria Genessa

Grow into oblong shape cactus. They are a very slow growing plant, similar to obesa. It has tiny little leaves on the top of the plant.

Pachycereus Marginatus (also known as Mexican Fence Post Cactus)

This cactus has columnar trunks that grow slowly up to 3.7 m. Stems are up to 10 cm in diameter, with 5 to 7 ribs. These extraordinarily low-maintenance plants can basically grow untouched for decades, so there’s really not a lot you need to worry about. It produces spiny yellow to red fruit.

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