Cacti and Succulent Ideas – Buy succulents online

Succulents and cacti are one of the most popular decorating trends today. Not only do succulents add a unique touch to your garden, verandah or interior decor, they are quite sustainable and easy to keep alive.

Succulents and cacti are versatile. They can look rustic and exotic or modern and vibrant, depending on the atmosphere you place them in.

They make a lasting gift for that someone special and can be used as guest gifts for parties and weddings.

For a more organic and laid-back look, place them against natural materials like wooden and stone.

They also look dramatic against a white or neutral background, and work wonders when you’d like to inject vibrancy into areas that traditionally look quite sterile, such as studies and kitchens.

A hanging terrarium that uses succulents and cacti look great hung outside, around the kitchen or even in bedrooms above the headboard. Try hanging them on different levels for a bohemian look, or keep them level for a more cohesive, well-structured look.

Have a tired looking entry door or gap on a wall that just needs something? Why not make a succulent wreath and create a unique piece that is sure to add a little pizzazz to any room or entry.

Even single plants grouped together can offer a visual masterpiece.

We have over 2000 varieties of cacti and succulents available for delivery now. Why not browse through our online shopand spoil yourself today!

Please note main picture on post is a Huernia Namaquensis (the flowers are stunning)!

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