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Australian Desert Blooms Cacti and Succulents Online!

Why choose us?

Whether you are new to the addictive hobby of collecting and growing cacti and succulents, looking for a gift or wedding favour or looking for an attractive garden alternative, we have it all covered.

Experience Counts

Australian Desert Blooms are based in Ipswich Queensland. The Ipswich region has hot summers and cold winters, so all of our cactus and succulent plants are hardy for any climate.

Australian Desert Blooms have been growing cacti and succulents for over 40 years and it has been in the family for over 50, so our experience and knowledge extends to well before we starting selling to the public. We do this because we love it, and it shows in the quality of our plants.

Whether you are looking for a rare cactus or succulent or want to order large quantities of a specific plant for an upcoming event, you can get it here.

Collectors of cacti and succulents will be surprised by what we have available. We have over 400 species and more than 2500 varieties in stock, so browse through our online store.

We are Growing!

3/4 of a large block of land with large sheds and gardens are currently under development. At the moment, extra sections of the sheds are being built to expand the nursery; 36 sheds and all measuring 5m x 6m. Over 100,000 plants are grown at once. Shelves are in place with shaded plants under the tables and full sun cactus on top.

There is solar shield plastic over the top of the sheds with lots of light coming in, reaching temperatures of 40c, great for the mature plants. Scattered shade cloth is used in the walk ways during summer to protect the younger plants. Native bee hives take care of the flowers and watering is in place, to water above and below. Lots of varieties will be coming on sale this year.

We Deliver

Australian Desert Blooms can deliver to Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and the ACT. Customs laws prevent us from taking orders from WA, NT and TAS. FREE Delivery is available on orders over $85, (regular post only).

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