Indoor Cacti and Succulents with Australian Desert Blooms

If you have a sunny room, you can grow cacti indoors. Cacti and succulents grow very well indoors and as an added bonus, they also help to filter the air. These interestingly unique plants can add colour and interest, as well as a little drama to any room.

Here are some tips and ideas from Australian Desert Blooms

Cacti plants do not do well when they sit in water. They are a desert plant, so the best way to make sure that your cactus or succulent plants do not sit in a pool of water, is to ensure that the pots and the soil are both well draining. A layer of pebbles helps ensure that the soil in a pot does not block the drainage holes.

During the summer months, cacti plants can be watered when the top of the soil is completely dry, but during the colder winter months of the year, these plants should only be watered when the is completely dry with a small amount given or once a month.

Pre-made cacti and succulent soil is a great type of soil to use in pots because it is specially formulated for these types of plants and allows the water to drain away from the plant quickly. Until you get experience in growing your plants then you want to make your own mixed to improve your plants even more. 

Most cacti grow slowly and don’t mind being a bit pot bound. If you see roots pushing out of the pot, or if your plant has grown out of proportion to the container size, then it is time to re-pot.

Cacti terrariums are especially popular; a glass bowl, box, or even hanging ornament filled with small varieties of cacti and other succulents. Just remember, that a cacti terrarium must be planted in an open container; too much humidity can rot your plants.

Show off a collection of mini cacti in equally small, yet decorative, containers along your windowsill.

Grow a tall cactus in a spot you’d like to highlight.

Assemble a miniature desert garden with small cacti and figurines in a rustic pottery or terracotta container.

Why not create a focal point for your patio and use some unique containers for a cacti or succulent display

A cacti and succulent wall is a great winter gardening project and will add instant green to a dull indoor or outdoor wall.

Be adventurous with colour, texture and style.

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