Choosing the right plant, is very important. Like all customers, you can be overwhelmed in the colour, look, size and the price of the plant.  Before conceding the right spot, or how to care for it, it is best is to have a plan of attack, that is choosing locations for planting then doing a little research on the plant.

Succulents have a reputation for being low-care, which they are, but they still need some maintenance and spring is an ideal time of the year to give them some seasonal TLC.  Succulents species have different times of the year when they grow the best. Like cacti, they sleep in winter, and wake up in spring.

Cleaning your succulent plants is essential to their needs as it keeps away disease and fungus. Pulling away the dead leaves as often as you can, will encourage growth. Trimming your succulents will keep their shape and you can be creative when making different shapes. This won’t hurt the plants either.


Any type of pot can be used for planting. For displaying your plants some people would tell you that shallow pots are the best. I would suggest you use any as long you follow this rule. If the height of the plant is any more than twice the size of the plant add gravel to the bottom. The space around the plant should be no more than 1 to 2-inch-wide, otherwise add lots of gravel (small rocks) to your normal mix. By adding gravel you are making sure that it will dry out quickly.


Do I use plastic or clay pots? Well it will depends on where you are going to place them and what type of feature you are after. Plastic pots will take time in drying out than terracotta pots. Terracotta pots have a glaze, making them porous. This helps improve drainage and aeration which reduces the chance of rot. You need to remember this, when watering. 

Unless you paint the inside of your terracotta pot, then you can treat them the same as plastic pot. Or the other way is, adding more drainage to your soil for plastic pot plants will solve the problem.

Repotting them, having different mixes for different plants helps them grow better. Always try to change your mix to improve your plants. In my other blog I share what mix I use, as this suited me. I have changed my mix over the years because of the way I grow the plants.  I can only tell you what not to do. I suggest you don’t add salt, and don’t include too much bark in the soil but add more sand or perlite. If it is commercial soil, add fertilizer to it, as it has been cooked to death.

Hope this helps you and happy potting. Cactus for sale. Succulents for sale

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