It is getting close to the time were you should start planning your gardening, when the days are cooler. In the middle of August is the best time, as you are giving your plants time to adjust to the climate.  Before you start, choose the right plants for the position and place you are putting them in.

Prepare you garden. If the area you are using has been left dormant for a while, add some new fresh soil, such as compact, for excellent conditioner, decomposed leaves, to add nutrients and structure to soil, fertilizer like manure, and sand or gravel for drainage. Your garden should be built up a little so the water drains away quickly and easily. A trick I do when planting a plant in a garden is I dig a deep, large hole and place some small pebbles about 1 to 2 cm thick on the bottom, before placing new soil with the plant in. 

This way the pebbles with help drain the water away quickly and protects the roots if you have damaged them when planting it.  Before planting your plants, arrange where you want them to be and take a step back to have a look. Consider the shapes of your plants; tall, round, bushy, and groundcover types. Consider how they grow, to allow space for growth and the way they grow, as you will need to be able to weed them in the future.

If you are not a gardening type, or don’t have time to weed, then you can still have a garden, but just all in large pots so it still looks good. There are many different ways you can do this.  You can choose a different pot so they don’t have to be the same colour or shape, and use large rocks and small pebble for decoration. It will make your garden attractive and easy to maintain.

So why not have a go? Happy planting!

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