If you are starting to collect cacti and succulents and would like to increase your collection then propagating is an easy way to do it. Most succulents are easy to propagate. Cut, callus and plant. New roots will grow soon!

You need to experiment with each different types of succulents to find out which way is best to propagate them.  Although it is not rocket science, you still need to do some research and ask questions on the type of plants you want to do.

But in most cases, if it has a stem, you can just cut a piece off and strip some leaves off the bottom. Allow it to callus over, then plant it in cactus and succulent mix and wait for it to root down. Even taking segments of a succulent plant will work on some varieties. 

Leaves are another way. By placing them on top and allowing them to form a plant where the skinny end is. But not all leaves will work.  You can also propagate columnar cacti by taking a section and allowing it to callous over and plant it.

There are other ways to propagate, such as by flowers, and cutting the plant and chopping off the heads. But there are risks in doing these ways as it can kill the plant or even infect it.

I have not found a list to tell me which plant does what during each propagating step. I had to experiment myself to find out some of the ways to do it.  So, give it a go, and if you do, tell me how you went and what method you used. If you know any other ways that I have missed, please tell me.

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