6 For The Weekend – Cacti and Succulents


Native to South Africa. This is a small leaf succulent, forms characteristic series of leaves arranged in spiral along the stem. Daughterly rosettes are abundantly formed at the base of the older plants. Can change colour with the season. Flowers are small, white and bell-shaped on long stems. Be careful not to water too often as they need to dry out.


Native to Africa, Madagascar and Southern Asia. A succulent desert plant, varying to thinner leafed tropical plants due to diverse regions that it is found in. Plants often form dense clumps from a spreading rhizome or stolons.


This unique plant is a barrel cactus. A singular plant, being globular to oblong in shape. The flower is yellow with the inner colour of scarlet.


A spreading succulent from South Africa. It growing 12 to 18 inches tall with narrow 4 to 6 inch long blue gray fleshy leaves that can have branched leaf tips. It produces small, dull white flowers in mid-summer and forms a dense mat with leaves angled upward from the ground. Drought tolerant but tolerates regular irrigation. Plant in full sun to light shade.


Huernia hystrix, the porcupine huernia or toad plant, is a variable stem succulent that branches into usually no more than three stems (up to five in cultivation), reaching heights between 3 cm and 7 cm. The species distribution is in the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Free State, Mpumalanga and Limpopo as well as in eastern parts of southern Africa beyond the South African border. The stems are five-angled with spaced, swollen tubercles along the stem ridges that are tipped with sharp conical teeth pointing outwards. Stem colour is usually pale green, occasionally glaucous (blue-green) and tinted dull purple.


Native to the Canary Islands. The succulent leaves are typically arranged on a basal stem in a dense spreading rosette. Most form small shrubs of multiple waxy rosettes on a basal stem. They have attractive variations and the flowers star-shaped and typically yellow. Winter growers and require regular water during the growing season. Light watering during the summer. They need full sun in winter but filtered sun in summer.

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