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Aloe has been grown and used for thousands of years, not just as a garden plant, but also as a healing product. Gardeners today are spoilt for choice when it comes to colour and variety. They are also used by NASA for air purification, so make sure you have at least one indoors.

Interesting fact: 6,000 years ago the Egyptians called Aloe plants the “plants of immortality” because the many different types of uses.

Just some of the varieties we have available online now at Australian Desert Blooms.

This type of Aloe plant produces clumps of short-stemmed oval green leaves. The plant has clusters of pink flowers that can grow up to 30cm tall. Leaves are covered by white dots. Leaf margins contain small white rounded teeth that change colour with the seasons. Traditionally used as an herbal medicine to treat wounds such as skin burns with the yellowish liquid produced within the leaves.

Aloe “Quicksilver” is a slow-growing aloe with attractive green and white leaves, and can grow up to 15cm across.  Tall stems can appear with small red bell flowers for most of the year.  Many offsets will form once the mother plant matures, which can be separated.

Suitable for full sun or partial shade positions. Grow indoors only in well-lit positions.

The sun brings out the stunning burgundy colour in this aloe. It will produce small clumps that are suitable for replanting. Flowers are orange to red in colour.

A beautiful plant that is compact with attractive colouring. Grow this plant in lots of sun to bring out the striking pink tones in the leaves. Flowers are an orange to pink.

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