TISSUE CULTURE PLANTS – Cacti and Succulents

What is tissue culture? it is growing single cells from a plant. To produce exact copies of plants with good flowers, and fruits. To quickly produce mature plants. Increase the number of plants very quickly. Better chances of increasing number instead of growing seeds that would otherwise have very low chances of germinating and growing. To produce more healthy plants free of viral and other infections and to quickly multiply these plants as ‘cleaned stock’ for horticulture and agriculture.

Tissue culture produces from single cell, plant cells without cell walls, pieces of leaves, stems or roots can be used.

A lot of Retail and Wholesale nursery buy in these plants to increase stock limits quickly but in most cases, you see the same plants everywhere as the laboratory produces 1000s of the same plants at once and only have a small range of plants for sale at one time. Changing their ranges every so offer.

Here Australian Desert blooms we grow most of our plants, good 95% of them, the old fashion way, even though it takes 3months to 2 years to produce plants for sale. We try to provided as many varieties as possible. To give you a good range to choose from.

We try not to buy to many tissue cultures plants as it drives the prices up on the plants keeping them low and affordable as possible. But sometime we find a variety that we have not got yet, and keep them to produce more of them before we sell them on.

Hope this has given you an insight on how tissue culture works. Check out all the different plants I grow in the shop

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