There are many ways in propagating cacti and succulent plants, by dividing, cuttings, growing from seeds, and grafting. All takes time but if you have the patience it is very rewarding in its selves. First you need to choose which way is best for the plant that you want to propagate from. The time of the season helps as well as it will depend on how many will survive too. It does make a difference in how long you have to wait to produce.

Most cacti and succulent are easy to propagate from. But some are more difficult than others. Sometimes you will have to do research to find the best way to propagate that plant, or experiment different ways and see which way is best.  Do take note that not all plants can be done by cuttings or leaves. Don’t be afraid to try different ways as can be rewarding.

Have a go, here are some simple rules to follow.

1. Propagate in the right season for that plant to get the best results?

2. Dividing – always allow the bare flesh to dry out completely before planting and leave dry until roots appear.

3. Cuttings – larger is better, best chances of it striking and leave dry until roots appear.

4. Leaves – don’t need water until roots appear. Can cause rotting if you water to early.

5. Seeds – be patience most important, some seeds take a long time to come up. Do research before considering trying again.

6. Grafting – choose the right stock plant for the plant you are grafting as some do better than others.

New seedlings coming soon

When you do produce your new plants, they are fragile things and need to be look after little bit more than older ones. Until they grow little bit bigger and adjust to their new surroundings. But you will be happy on the results that you have achieved.

If you do give it a go do send me some photos, love to see your results. Otherwise have a look at what I have grown in my shop

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