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Now it is time to try growing cacti and succulents from seeds. As it is the most rewarding way to achieve more varieties and bulk numbers as possible as long you have the patience to wait for them to grow. There are a few things you have to do before starting, make sure you have the room to grow them, and right environment for each species.

mammillaria dodsonii

mammillaria dodsonii

Importance about seeds is how old they are. If they are too old than less chance of them propagating. So fresh seeds are best, but there are a few seeds sellers who have a good reputation of having fairly fresh seeds. But if you have the chance to pick your own seeds. Make sure they are ripe, if picked too early they won’t come up, and too late will have less seeds to sow as insects and ants have gotten too them before you have.

oreocereus celsianus

After you have brought or pick your seeds, sow your seeds in good well drain soil, some types of succulents and cacti will need to be cover to generate and some don’t.

To start.

Prepare you soil by heating in the oven or spraying it to kill insects. Soak your soil and plant seeds in water. Place in a bag or in a semi-shaded or filtered sunlight area depending on the species of plants. Check every so often to see if they have germinated, and take one week to a year. Watching is importance. When seedling plants appear, ventilation sometimes is need on certain species. Watch soil moisture over saturate can kill them and less will loose them. Plant them out when they get to a reasonable size to a larger pot. Transplant your plants into their permanent pots, anywhere from 6 months to a year after germination. The right growth size for transplanting will depend on the species you are growing.

mammillaria bocasana v multilanata

Seeing them grow is the most rewarding feeling. So why have a look at all the different varieties of cacti and succulents in the shop. 

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