When cacti are healthy, they will flower in spring each year and sometimes other seasons, if you have over watered or over fertilizer. It is the liveliest time of the year as it brings insects and animals to the surface. I like this time of year as most of my cacti sheds and gardens come alive especially the native bees. As long as it is not too hot for them. They help me in pollinating the flowers and bring on producing seeds.

rebutia minusula

Cacti flowers are unique because they have dozens of stamens and petals, come in different sizes and flower often during the spring and summer.


But sometimes you have to wait for the cacti come to age before seeing the flower bloom. Or they can be quite sneaky and flower at night. Called night blooms.

You might be wondering how often do cactus flowers bloom? Well it depends on the season weather. But if it is a wetter season more flowers will appear. Some species have rings of flowers, Mammillaria plants are one of theses.

mam. bocasana v. eschauzierii

Or maybe How long do they stay open for?  Normally open during the day and close at night unless it is night blooms then opens at night and close during the day. Most of them will flower for a few days before dying.

lobivia winteriana

What about the colour of the flowers? Well, cacti and succulents’ flowers come in different colours but sometime they can through you a curve ball and produce a different colour than the colour should be for the type species of plant it is. Can be many reasons for this to happen, like soil, fertilizers used, or being a cross hybrid plant.

parodia linkii

Other question could be asking is Why does my cacti not flower? That can be many reasons like soil, temperature, lighting, age, watering and disease in plant. Do some research on your plant to check what age your plant starts flowers before you do any changes.

There are many types of flowers cacti here are some types that have flower for me this year so far. Why not visit the shop and start collecting your own. 

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