If you want to grow and take care of your succulent plants, then the best way is by knowing what type of plant you have, as they need different types of care. But luckily for us, succulents come in all different shape and sizes. What I have found, is that there are several different ways of doing this.

To start with, is by knowing what a succulent is.  A succulent is a plant that stores water in their leaves; cacti store water in their bodies and have thorns. But there are exceptions to the rule, like Euphorbias, they are class as a succulent as they do have leaves and thorns but the leaves only show at certain times of the year.

Whether your plants are spikey, round, cylindrical shape, stringy, rosette or bushy, you will need to do some research on the different varieties types to understand what the main shape is, characteristics and their own unique traits of the family.  If you get keen and want to know more about your plant, I’d suggest learning where it comes from. As it will give you a good idea about the weather, climate and the type of soil they live in.

The process can be long, so you need to have patience and time.

What I do is take a good photo of the plant from the top, sides and even the flower.  The best way is to have the plant in front of you when doing the research. If you can remember where you bought the plant from, then go to the seller first.  If that is no good, then you need to narrow the research down by asking questions to yourself.

What is its shape? As, if it’s a rosette than it could be Echeveria, Sempervivum or even Graptoveria.

What time of day or season does the flower bloom? The shape of flower can tell you lots about the plant.

Does it have stiff leaves or not? Stiff leaves could be Agave or Gasteria.

Plant size? Is it a small or large type of plant? Getting a good summary or description of the different family types can help you know how to look after your plant. You can find them on the internet easy enough.

If you can narrow the type of family down, then you are halfway there. Posting it on Facebook garden sites and asking people to help can give you an idea of the name.

Then you can use the name to search on the internet and see the images of other plants with, that name.

I have been told of Apps that identify succulents, but I’ve never used them, so I don’t know how well they work.

Go on a Garden web forum and post your plant on there.

There is Succulent plant page Galleries on the internet to see which image matches your plant.

Join Cacti and succulent Society clubs in your area, they do not cost much to join, and once a month they meet and you can take your plant there, as they have a section for identifying plants. They have tours, sellers, garden shows, and invites to grower’s home to see their collections and how they grow them. You can get lots of information and help from these clubs.

Last of all, going to sellers, like me, and looking at their varieties of plants for sale and their galleries can help. You can ask, but most offer. They will charge for the service as it takes time out of their lives. But like me, I don’t like naming plants from a photo as it missing lots of its features that you see in real life. Plus it might not have a flower to look at either.

But be careful in naming your plant, there is a chance you could have a hybrid.

Seeing that you are here, why don’t you go to my shop and see if your plant is there? Or Make an appointment to visit the nursery we have many succulents for sale here.