First thing to do is to diagnose the symptom, what is causing your plant to be unhealthy. Sometimes they hard to see and easy to overlook until it is too late. Especially the pests, as they are small and hide well amongst your plants. Due to having a cottony, hard covering to protect them or they have developed a resistance to insecticides. So, it could be many different things you need to look at.

From: Overwatering, over fertilizing, corking, etiolation, desiccation, sunburn, frost damage, pot bound. Physical damage or phototoxicity.

Disease: Fungus gnats, Rust, Black spot or rot.

Pest: Scale, Mealy bugs, Cochineal insect, Red Spider Mite, Slugs and Snails, Nematodes, Rodents and Birds, Worms/caterpillars, Aphids, Thrips,

cacti marked

In the comings months I will give you information on all the different types of symptoms. Possible solutions you could try. But take note, when preparing for the information on this blog I have come across some symptom I have forgotten. So, I will be re teaching myself as well as you.

The most common symptom that most people know about is. Pest are scale, mealy bugs also root mealy bugs even spider mites. rust and black spot. Most likely ones you will come across in growing Cacti and Succulents plants.

But the key is to kept your plants healthy. By giving your plants the right location, water, soil, drainage and light. Less chance you will not get pest or diseases. As you expand to many different varieties and increase your collection. You will find that you won’t able to help some plants. If their time is up, their time is up, nothing you can do about it.  But move on and learn from it.

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