As cacti and succulent need little maintenance, it is easy to over water your plant by over caring for it. Best way to understand when to water your plant is by. How your plant holds water and why?

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Also a poor transition from being introduced to a mixed arrangement under unstable weather conditions and I will now have to admit this one to my Echeveria intensive care unit.

A prematurely transplanted haworthia pup. … Accidentally broke it off while transplanting the mother plant and put it soil for a 50/50 chance at survival… Poor outcome on this one , this time.

This cactus has suffered from severe rot from not being able to establish properly during this rainy weather. Once dried out, it then quickly rotted from harsh heat temperatures during the day. Found this one like this today actually. A very fresh rotted specimen. 

With succulent, they store water in their leaves. Cacti hold their water in the body. They store water so they can survive long, dry periods. They take up the water through their roots very quickly and efficiently. So, if you plant looking very drained (lack of water in the leaves and body) you can sit it in water for a short period of time (half day) to speed its cover. But they don’t know when to stop drinking. So sometimes you can give your plant more water then what it needs. This is actually a common situation and the plants in cultivation look plump and happy compared to their habitat counterparts.

What happens is your plant can’t handle it? They will swell and looks over plump and offer can split around the body. If you spot it early enough you can taper off and save it. The only thing it can rot the roots. Too later will result in the whole plant turning to mush.

If you encounter this problem you need to acted quickly. By stop watering it. Repotting it if they are sitting in wet soil. If you do decide to repot, a good idea is you can leave your cacti plant sitting on a bench in filtered light to allow to dry out before repotting it. Marked plants are permanent though and eventually the mark will travel down to become hidden. Succulent plant when they are mark-up you always remove the leaves that are split if you want.

How to know when to water your plant? Basically, you can place a small swallow dish on the bottom of your pot and fill it. When the swallow dish is empty and the bottom of the pot is not wet. Then you can fill the dish again. Once a week is another way just remember not to water when it has been raining that week. Another idea is using the plant called Ledebouria as a guide when the leaves droop then it is time to water your plants.

Hopefully this will help you in keeping your plant healthy.