GOOD NEWS, SHOP OPEN – Cacti and Succulents

Great place to visit. Many varieties of plants for sale. All grown by the grower. There are many different sizes for sale. So why not come and visit and see for yourself.

Open from Wednesday to Sunday 9 am to 3 pm each week. closed on public holidays and between Christmas and New Year. 

If you decided to come just email me (lcky@bigpond.com) or text me (0409138746) for the address. When you arrive just press the buzzer to form me you are outside. As I am the only person who is running the business I need to keep potting and producing plants for you see next time you come. 

Here are some of the cacti for sale at the moment. Still busy potting bring out more varieties as they come available each week

Aeonium varieties for sale at the moment. More different varieties coming in the coming months. 

Varieties of shaded succulents, Aloes, Gasteraloe, Gasteria, Haworthia, More coming in the coming months. 

There are Adromischus, lithops, Euphorbia, Sansevieria for sale too. So if you have time, come and visit me.

Don’t worry, for those who live too far, I still have all the varieties that are in the shop on the website to purchase also more coming too.