Creative Indoor Cacti and Succulent Garden Ideas

Winter is on it’s way and soon it will be too cold outside to really enjoy the garden. Why not create a low maintenance greenspace inside and have the added benefit of air purification at the same time. Indoor plants can be used as a focal point in the room or as a stylish table decoration. An arrangement of cement pots, an indoor wall garden or a tabletop terrarium will all bring joy to a favourite room. You can create a terrarium in minutes and they require very little maintenance. Some pebbles in the base, cacti & succulent soil and your plants. Glass containers make perfect vessels for table top terrariums. You not only see the succulents or cacti, the layers of soil and rock, add some creative details as well.

It’s five o’clock somewhere! A unique idea is to use different shaped glasses.

Get creative with shallow bowls and top them with a wire cloche.

Create a windowsill garden using palletwood and lining with black plastic or just place pots inside and hide with sphagnum moss.

You can also create an art piece.

Old light fittings can also be recycled and used as an interesting indoor garden. Teacups, mugs and unusual glasses make a great centrepiece for a coffee table or bedside cupboard.

Another idea is to fix pallet wood to a wall, seal the gaps and fill with cacti soil or attach guttering or small galvanised buckets to it, this makes a fantastic wall feature inside or out.

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