Here are the latest Plants we have in our Nursery at Australian          Desert Blooms, I hope you love them as much as we do!                            “click on any photo of the plant to buy it”.                Many more in the shop for sale. As I am only a small business limited stock is available. So be quick or you will miss out this time. 

This green/blue type succulent plant has pair of thick leaves. It is a small clump-forming succulent that the leaves form off the stems.

For sale is a pack of 10 plant label tags. The size of the label is 100mm. This thick white plastic label is ideal to place in pots that are going to be placed in the sun. If you are building your collection easy to know what you have.

The plant is a low-growing plant, globular shape to it. They offset mainly at the base of the plant. The flower can be golden yellow to pale orange in color.

It is a globular, almost spineless these very short spines on the ribs that produce splendid night-blooming. Common names are Night-blooming Hedge-hog and Easter Lily Cactus.

The different hybrids that produce different color flowers and shape bodies. Some offset at the base with time. It is globose to elongate, eventually short cylindrical, clustering from near the base. The body is green to greyish-green in color. The flowers can vary in color.

It is succulent that the green leaves stand upright forming a rosette shape and offsets at the base.

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