Here are the latest Plants we have in our Nursery at Australian Desert Blooms, I hope you love them as much as we do!  “click on any photo of the plant to buy it”. Many more in the shop for sale. As I am only a small business limited stock is available. So be quick or you will miss out this time. 

It is a short-stemmed succulent that grows to a medium-sized plant. The triangle shape green leaves become a dark purple nearly black pattern in winter.  The flowers appear late summer to fall and they can be red-orange in color.

This rosette shape succulent has triangle shape leaves. It is stemless also forms offset at the base of the plant. Grows to a medium-size plant.

Slow-growing, small succulent. It has long deep green leaves that has red marking when given sunlight. The flower can be pink in color.

It is a hybrid type of succulent, that has whitish-green pattern leaves. It forms clumps of offset at the base. It grows to a medium-sized plant.

It has triangular green stem sections that somewhat resemble the links of a chain, Hanging type of succulent.

Shrub like a succulent with distinctive rosettes of very fat, lustrous, green leaves edged in red in bright light. Place in full sunlight it goes cherry-red color. The plant forms a stem of white petals with yellow center flowers musky scent in a bunch. It grows into a small-scale ground-cover, branching and also making offsets from the base to form a clump that spreads outward over time. Good for pots, a ground cover or hanging pots.

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