Succulent can bring colors to make any garden or area more appealing because of the many different colors they come in. All plants experience stress in their life span also you can’t avoid it. From heatwaves, droughts, cold spells, changes of positions happen in your garden. Many people love the different colors you can get in succulents, but did you ever wonder why they change color.

Understanding why they change color will provide you the best care you could give them. As it will provide you a guide on how the plants are growing.

The signs that will cause change are Temperature, Sun Exposure, Natural coloring, water, and even unnatural sources.  

Take the temperature, change of the season can produce a color change in the plants. The temperature shift from season to season or day to night will bring out brilliant colors in many different succulents. But if change happens too quickly its results in damaging the plants with marks.

Sun Exposure is the main one I think that succulents come across. Positioning your plants is important as you can bring out colors in your plants without hurting them. The key is to introduce them to the area slowly. If you do this the result will speak for themselves.

Natural coloring always happens in the life of a plant. The plant protects itself from damage due to the change in lighting, water, and temperature. That produces these vibrant colors that you see today.

Watering can produce colors only if you have an irregular water pattern. Leaving your plants too long in between without water can cause this.

Unnatural sources are another way. There is a dye you can buy that will change the color of the succulents and stay in the plant for about 3 months. So be careful in buying variegated plants. I have heard you can use food dye as well not sure how long it will last though. There are many varieties of Cacti and Succulents plants to collect with natural colors in their bodies and leaves. But, I don’t understand why people would want to change the color of their plants.

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