A cup of tea is a lovely way to spend an afternoon, but taking on a teacup or mug garden project can be just as enjoyable. Perhaps you have stray cups begging to be used. Or maybe you’re a fan of flea markets, where vintage china is yours for the taking. Either way, these pretty projects are a recipe for fun.

Perfect to give as a gift, these mini gardens are too cute not to showcase.

Using a ceramic drill bit, drill a small hole in the bottom of your cup, place some pebbles in the bottom to help with drainage, and add some cactus soil so that your mini succulents and greenery can thrive. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a landscape artist, these mini wonderlands will look adorable no matter what!

Over-watering is the number one cause of death for succulent plants, and that is why it is super important to make sure you use the best type of soil to plant succulents. You can either buy cactus and succulent soil from your local nursery or make your own.

To make your own succulent soil, you only need three ingredients, and you can find them at any garden center or home improvement store that has potting soil for sale:

  • 3 parts potting soil. When making the potting mix for succulents, it’s best to use light, porous soil as your base. Don’t use heavy garden soils, and don’t use potting mixes that contain vermiculite, or any type of moisture control potting mix that says it retains water longer than other mixes. Succulents need well-draining potting soil, not one that holds moisture.
  • 2 parts coarse sand. Just don’t use sand from the garden, the beach, or a sandbox (you never know what contaminants will be in that sand).
  • 1 part perlite or pumice. Perlite is a lightweight organic soil additive. It’s the white pieces that look like Styrofoam in commercial potting mixes. Perlite retains very little moisture, prevents soil compaction, and aids in better drainage.

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Happy gardening!

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