Since I have been collecting and selling Cacti and Succulent plants for over 40 years. I have some larger plants that I would like to sell to make room for a lot more varieties that are coming through. 

So if you are interested in any of these plants contact us please to arrange payment. Since these plants are too large to post I am only offering pick up only.  I will remove them as the plants sell. So you know what is available. 

Matucana species

Matucana species $70

Grown in 130mm size pot over 60 cm tall.

pachypodium saundersii 200mm

Pachypodium Saundersii $35

Grown in 200mm size pot

pachypodium rutenbergianum 200 mm

pachypodium rutenbergianum $55

Grown in 200mm size pot about 1 metre



This plant is grown in 200 mm size pot.

pachypodium lamerei for sale

pachypodium lamerei for sale

This plant is grown in a 30 cm size pot. $100 each

pilosocereus azureus

pilosocereus azureus SOLD

This plant is grown in 150mm size pot and is over 60 cm tall.

Melocactus Neryii

Melocactus Neryii Sold

This plant is grown in 200mm size pot . About 15 to 20 years old. Just starting to form its cap.

pachypodium species

pachypodium species $100

Here you have a pachypodium that is about 1m grown in 30 cm pot.

Euphorbia classenii

Euphorbia classenii $300

Grown in 40 cm pot many plants in one pot over a 1 metre tall.

Espostoa species

Espostoa species Sold.

Grown in a 30 cm pot it is about 20 years old

Espostoa species

Espostoa species Sold

Grown in a 200mm size pot at least 60 cm tall

pachypodium saudersii for sale

pachypodium saudersii for sale

This plant is grown in 30 mm size pot. $120.00

sedum adolphii

sedum adolphii $50

Grown in 30cm pot

More added in the coming months. So keep an eye on this page. If you are after large plants. Or Join the newsletter for updates.