I wondering which is better. Tissue culture or naturally grown plants. As I have heard rumors over the years that tissue culture plants don’t offset easily or flower every year or mature slowly.

So, let’s investigate it closely and see what the benefits of tissue culture succulent plants are to nature has grown succulent plants.

what is tissue culture succulent plant? They use the plant cells that can regenerate from a cell into complete, mature plants. These clones of the same plant in numbers within a short period of time. Not all plants still can’t be tissue culture though.

What are the benefits of tissue culture plants? Able to get rare plants easily as they grow them in bulk.  No need to hold large stock for propagating or seedlings as they use less space to store.  It also helps in bringing back wild populations of the plants.


What I have experience with tissue culture succulent plants is. I find they are fragile, delicate plants and prone to getting diseases easily. Don’t get me wrong they are very healthy plants when you first get them. They need time to harden off, six months to one year before selling. So, they can handle the conditions of the environment. After that, they can be treated like a normal succulent plant.

Haworthia truncata greenform

Not sure but it could be me, just seem to be more work. Maybe it is because I have thrown them with the other plants instead of keeping them separate so I can give them more attention when needed. As they seem to be growing slowly for me until they reach that six-month to the one-year mark.

What do you think?