Australian Desert Blooms Nursery has been growing Cereus types for a long time. I find they grow large quite quickly for a cactus is also easy to grow. Since we don’t have any Cactus Australia. These plants grow healthy in this environment. It will make any garden most attractive with large cactus in it. I have added some Cereus for you to buy cactus online.

Most are night-blooming cactus that are short-lived, white, or very pale shades of other colors often large, and frequently fragrant. Most are tall, columnar, and sometimes extremely large and tree-like. There are about 30 species in the family also native to South America.

Ideal for the outdoor due to how large they get and loving the full sun. But if you are wishing to place a small variety indoor. Place it near the windowsill where it can get direct sunlight and rotate the pot to encourage balanced growth. Since you have it indoors be careful to introduce it to full sun gradually if you take it outside as it will get sunburn. (For all cactus plants)

Since these cacti are easy to care for and an excellent choice for beginners. Their requirement is minimal to maintain.

Soil – don’t like wet feet so well-drained soil

Water – in the active period once a week or when the pot is dried out. Reduce in winter when they are sleeping. Only enough water to prevent shrinking.

Temperature – very hardy plants.

Fertilizing – No need to do it. But small amount if you wish to. Too much can cause splitting.

Repotting – every year when they are young or if they outgrow their pot.

Pests – Regularly spraying will help keep the pests away. Seasonal is when I do it. With extra spraying of soapy water from my shower water tank. Helps as well.

The most common pests are Scales, Mealybugs, and root mealybugs are the most common pest problems for Cereus. Plus, spider mites and fungus gnats.

But don’t worry as you keep your regularly spraying up with the help of soapy water on an irregularly basic it will keep most bugs away to all away. Fewer bugs will form in the outdoor garden.

Hope this helps you grow healthy Cereus plants in your garden or pots.

Happy New Year to all and keep safe.

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