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Common names: Bird’s nest cactus, Bird’s nest, Golden bird’s nest cactus

It is a small plant that makes a large, flattish clump of stems clustering from the lower part. Very long twisted spines, which on mature plants, completely envelop the body. The flowers are funnel-form, delicately scented, mall, white, deeply set in the tubercles. The plants need a bright exposure, part shade in summer. The plant should be watered regularly in Summer allowing too dry before watering again. Kept the plant drier in Winter. They grow best in well-drained soil also to keep the roots cool in summer.

Native: Southern and southwestern Madagascar.

Become a small succulent tree with mostly upright stems. Sometimes it branches, spiny. also corrugated tube-like. The leaves, green small oval shape that bud right off the trunk. It covers the stems during the warm wet season, but will often drop during any lengthy dry periods or cold weather. Mainly in winter. It needs full sun or high interior lighting with a very well-drained soil mix and freely circulating air. Plants are watered and allowed to dry thoroughly before watering again.

It is a bluish-green globular plant, strong ribs with short spines and forms a clump. It is suited for sunny-brightly exposure but can tolerate light shade. Need a well-drained soil mix with small gravel added to ensure drainage. Water thoroughly during the growing season when soil is dry to the touch.

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