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It is a worrying time for everyone even me. Even the best growers lose plants from lots of rainwater. Rainwater isn’t your worst enemy as it brings out more brighter and vibrant plants. It cleans the soil from all the salt and harmful chemicals that have built up from using tap water. Even some say during electrical storms that lightning nourishes plants. Not sure this is true, that’s what I have heard.

Don’t worry straight away if you have prepared your plants well. More than likely your plants will survive a heavy rain pour. If the soil holds too much moisture for too long the plants’ roots will likely rot. You can test your soil, by filling a pot with soil, placing it in a tray, and watering it with a glass of water. Allowing it to sit for two days than checking how much water has drained from your soil. the high percentage the better your soil is. About 75% of a glass of water drain away is very good.

Outdoor gardens are another thing you want to consider planting in a way that encourages drainage. Like slightly on a slope or amount rocks or even dividing your gardens into bays with paths in between. Particularly heavy rain may wash away or corrode parts of your garden but the occasional shower can help your succulents dry out faster.

After the rain, the period goes around your garden or sheds and checks if there is anything you can do in helping your plants in surviving. By cleaning any paddles that have formed or any water that has gathered in sauces. Even raising pots up higher so the water drains away quickly. The only problem with using clay pots is holding water. I trick is to paint your inside clay pot with Clag glue it seals the pores of the clay. Of Course, always use pots with drainage holes unless you are going to have an area where you control how much water they get not outdoors.

The basic succulents care will help protect most of them from rainy weather. It is unlikely that your plants will survive any long-term damage from being left in the rain. So, relax and enjoy the rainy weather your plants will certainly appreciate rainwater.

Keep Safe and stay out of flood waters. You can replace anything but not human life.

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