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Contact Australian Desert Blooms Online Nursery for Cacti & Succulent Sale queries only. For bulk orders Go to our Wholesale page for the information. 

For delivery queries,  postage charge. please scroll down to the “Frequently Asked Questions” section below.

If you are interested in visiting our Nursery,  Open Mon to Fri,  9 am to 3 pm. Appointments are needed for the weekend and after hours due to me being on my own. closed on Public Holidays and between Christmas and New Year. 

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32A Rosemary street Bellbird park Ipswich Qld. To visit the shop.

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To visit the Australian Desert Blooms Cactus and Succulents Nursery?

Since it is a private residence and because I work full time on the business, a buzzer is on the fence to let me know you have arrived.

Please contact me if you are coming on the weekend as I have family commitments to attend. Happy to help you, but I need to use my time efficiently as I am only one person operating. 

We’re Always open 9 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday. Appointments are needed for the  Weekends, and after hours due to me being on my own. Please, Ring the bell on the fence to Enter.

Appointments are needed outside these hours including the weekends, Closed on Public Holidays, and between Christmas and New Year. 


Most frequent questions and answers
No. All plants are sent bare-rooted, with no soil attached and wrapped in paper.
If the box has been damaged or crushed, please contact Australia post for a claim, not us, as we obviously can’t be held responsible for Australia Post’s handling of parcels.
  • Should the box be fine and the damage appears to be caused by the packaging process, then please contact us immediately and within 24 hours of receiving your parcel.
  • If the box arrives but there is no plant inside, please provide the order details that are in your box, for us to investigate. We cannot investigate without this.
Rest assured, all plants go through several checks before they are sent, so the likelihood of an empty box is virtually non-existent.
We cant be responsible for parcels getting lost or not arriving on time. Please contact Australia post for your claim. 
Please contact Australia post first, Depending on the service you have chosen there could be a claim to make to them. All free postage parcels are sent regular post. No extra cover is used as they are live plants. Than asked us as we will help you allocate it best we can. If can’t be found we will discuss with you the best solution for the missing parcel. 
Contact your state office and request a quarantine certificate for the plants you want. Send us a copy by email and then we can send your plants. In particular, we cannot service WA, NT and TAS unless you provide a quarantine certificate.
It is your responsibility to know the laws of your own state, as we don’t know all customs laws and they are changing regularly. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a refund or store credit, if an item should be seized.
Due to the work involved in growing the plants and preparing the orders, we do not offer refunds. However, we may provide store credit or a code to use on your next order should your reason for a refund request sound reasonable. No refund given for change of Mind Sorry.
Plants are sent through Australia Post and we send plants Mondays, tuesdays, or Wednesdays, each week unless requested to send earlier. Email us a preferred post day, if required.
You will then receive a tracking number and notification email from Australia post on how your parcel is travelling.
We process your payments as quickly as possible depending on the provider you have chosen, can take up to one week to process. Before I recieved the money in my bank account. Two days I need to dry out and pack them. Paypay – instant. Bank deposit – up to two days if you are a first time depositer to my bank. Otherwise 24 hours even less. Credit card on website – one week to process. Credit card by phone – instant. Afterpay – 3 -4 days. 
Since Handling and deliveries is out of our control after being lodged by us, We cant offer refund on Regular post
Due to Paypal & credit card processing charges associated with refunds, our company’s policy is not to provide refunds.  We appreciate your understanding in this matter and remain dedicated to serving you effectively. Store credit only.