Echinopsis Lobivia Trichocereus

Echinopsis Lobivia Trichocereus

Cacti Unity: Family Ties Revealed

“Embark on a captivating journey through the intricate world of Echinopsis, Lobivia, and Trichocereus. Where each cactus variety unfolds a unique story within the vast embrace of the Cactaceae family. Delve into their fascinating characteristics, resilient nature, and the harmonious relationships that bind these botanical companions. Revealing the wonders of interconnected life in the arid landscapes they call home.”

Family names absorb into Echinopsis

Lots of collectors still use the old name. prefer to Echinopsis.

Acantholobivia, Acanthopetalus, Andenea, Aureilobivia, Chamaecereus, Chamaelobivia,   Cinnabarinea, Echinolobivia, Echinonyctanthus, Furiolobivia, Helianthocereus, Heterolobivia,    Hymenorebulobivia, Hymenorebutia, Leucostele,Lobirebutia, Lobivia, Lobiviopsis,   Megalobivia, Mescchinopsis, Neolobivia, Pilopsis, Pseudolobivia, Rebulobivia,alpingolobivia,   Scoparebutia, Setiechinopsis, Soehrensia, Trichocereus

Echinopsis Lobivia Trichocereus
echinopsis densispina
Echinopsis Lobivia Trichocereus
Echinopsis multiplex

Indigenous to South America, these cacti are recognized by various names, including hedgehog cactus, Sea-urchin cactus, Easter lily cactus, and some even bear the moniker peanut cactus. Encompassing a diverse spectrum, the 128 species exhibit a remarkable range, ranging from sizable, tree-like varieties to diminutive, flattened-globose cacti. Showcasing the rich diversity inherent in this captivating family of succulents.

echinopsis calochlora
echinopsis calochlora


The blossoms of these cacti take the form of tubular stems, varying in size from large to small. Predominantly gracing the landscape during the summer months. Within this intriguing family, certain species boast extraordinary, elongated-tubed, funnel-shaped flowers that stand out significantly against the plant’s overall size. Notably, some varieties bloom under the veil of the night, displaying fragrant white flowers. While others unfold their unscented blooms in vibrant hues of red, yellow, orange, or pink during daylight hours. Although the typical flowering season spans from early to midsummer. Certain species exhibit the remarkable ability to bloom earlier in the year, adding a touch of floral splendor to different seasons.

echinopsis multiplex crested
echinopsis multiplex crested

Thriving in full sun, these cacti exhibit optimal growth but necessitate afternoon shade to shield them from the intensity of hot weather. Alternatively, position them in either full sun or partial sun in exceptionally well-draining, lightweight, gritty soil. Propagation can be achieved through offsets where applicable, stem cuttings for branching varieties, or from seeds, offering diverse methods to cultivate and expand their presence in your garden.

Echinopsis Lobivia Trichocereus
echinopsis seminudus

Exercise caution with watering, particularly in winter, as these cacti thrive in drier conditions, necessitating well-drained soil. It’s crucial to refrain from overwatering to maintain their preferred habitat. Our shop consistently offers a variety of these cacti throughout the year, so stay vigilant for opportunities to add them to your collection.

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