Euphorbia Species

Euphorbia Greenwayi display

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For over 40 years, Australian Desert Blooms has been cultivating a stunning variety of Euphorbia species plants, showcasing their beauty. Moreover, our collection is available all year round, providing plant lovers with plenty to choose from. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting, you’ll always find something new when you visit. Additionally, Australia’s dry landscapes are perfect for these plants, and we love sharing their charm as they change over time.

euphorbia species
euphorbia ingens

Euphorbia Species Collection

Boasting over 2000 Euphorbia species from Africa and Madagascar, our collection ranges from small succulents to large shrubs and trees. They all have one thing in common – a milky sap that’s toxic if not handled carefully. Taking care of them is easy, but many people make the mistake of overwatering. They need just the right amount to thrive.

euphorbia stenoclada
euphorbia grandidens

Family Varieties

euphorbia obesa
euphorbia decaryii SPIROSTICHA

Summer growers

Mostly summer growers require regular light watering during the warmer months. Additionally, it’s crucial to keep them mostly dry in winter, ensuring they receive sun to partial sun to maintain their shape. Furthermore, Euphorbia species need well-drained soil and good ventilation are required for their optimal growth. It’s important to note that proper draining is a must, as excess water can cause root rot and ultimately kill your plant.

lactea variegated
euphorbia lactea variegated
lactea grafted
euphorbia lactea grafted

Varieties and Different shapes

Many varieties have different shapes that can suit any position in the household. Furthermore, from round to tall, bushy to thin, and even hanging ones as well, there’s a Euphorbia species for every space. Additionally, the most common ones are Euphorbia Milii (Crown of Thorns) and Euphorbia species Obesa (Basketball Euphorbia).

euphorbia baionsis
euphorbia baionsis
euphorbia sp
euphorbia sp

In my collection so far, I have 80 Euphorbia species that I grow. Moreover, some are a challenge to propagate as I need to grow a few large species first. This process takes many years to achieve. Additionally, growing from seeds can be difficult to germinate or even find and harvest from your collection. Consequently, finding different species is hard for this reason. Nonetheless, I love growing them and am always looking for new species to add to my collection.

Hope this help you with some facts on how to look after them.

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