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Agave Desmettiana Variegated


Elevate your garden with Agave Desmettiana Variegated, nurtured in a 70mm pot for easy integration. This striking succulent, featuring urn-shaped rosettes of vibrant green leaves with golden-yellow edges and brown-red spines, thrives in Australian climates. Ensure its well-being by watering generously, allowing the soil to dry between waterings. Planted in well-drained soil and basking in full sun, it promises a low-maintenance yet visually stunning addition to your collection. For a seamless experience, buy online from our Brisbane succulent shop, or immerse yourself in the beauty of this variegated gem by visiting our Ipswich nursery.

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Product Information: Agave Desmettiana Variegated

Introducing Agave Desmettiana Variegated, a stunning succulent that effortlessly adds vibrancy to any garden. This variety features urn-shaped rosettes adorned with curved, bright green leaves highlighted by a golden yellow edge, complemented by brown-red spines at the tips for an exquisite touch.

For those looking to buy succulents online in Australia, our Brisbane succulent shop offers a diverse range, including Agave Desmettiana Variegated. Explore our succulents online or visit our Ipswich nursery for an immersive experience. Water these succulents generously, allowing the soil to dry between watering, and ensure they are planted in well-drained soil while enjoying full sun exposure.

Read more information about Agave Desmettiana Variegated in our blog, including care tips, propagation techniques, and much more.


Australian Desert Blooms Nursery is producing many more cacti for you to buy online. If anytime this cactus is out of stock know for sure that it will be back as quickly as possible. We produce all our stock here in Ipswich near Brisbane.


Watch your Agave Desmettiana Variegated for the first couple of months to check if they are happy where they are.

Agave Desmettiana Variegated requires more light if it looks like stretching out of shape. What’s more, burning is a common fact in this situation when having new plants. Best to gradually give them more exposure as the weeks go by. Instead of placing it in the straight sun.

Allow them to sit for a week before giving them a good drink. Depending on the season. Make sure they dry out completely before watering again. Don’t forget to give them a spray with soapy water to keep the bugs off them. And provide very good ventilation.


We harvest our seeds all year round as well as buy commercial seeds from overseas. To always have different varieties coming through each year.

Sowing Instructions

Required for germination, light, heat, and humidity. The succulent mix should have good drainage with no fertilizer in it. The temperature for germination is about 15 degrees to 35 degrees. Cacti like to have a little bit of light for germination, but no direct sunlight. In the first 4-8 weeks of gemination place in shaded with indirect sunlight. Very important not to allow them to dry out and to keep them moist. Patience and experience as they are fragile plants. Gradually allow them to have more sunlight as they grow larger.


Please note, that website photos remain the same and serve as a guide. The largest size cactus or succulents, we have available at the point of sale will be provided. For easy identification, a name tag will be provided.


Fast and secure shipping: Expect it bare-rooted and wrapped in paper. Dispatched via Australia Post from Monday to Wednesday, choose regular or express post for swift delivery.

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"Agave Desmettiana Variegated"