Native to South Africa

Common name Corkscrew

Being a young plant it will start to curl its leaves soon.

It is a small bulb shape succulent that can form into clumps when it is matured. The plant is unique for its tightly coiled leaves. The flowers are green with pale yellow margins, nodding, sweetly scented, reportedly of butter and vanilla, and look like helicopters. It is a winter-growing and summer-dormant species that needs to be kept almost dry during its dormancy as the bulbs are disposed to dwindle and rot. Water sparingly when growing and a little care, it is a definite water-wise species. The curling of the leaf tips is largely dependent on weather conditions. Cool dry conditions encourage the leaf tips to curl, while warm moist conditions tend to encourage erect, straight, uncurled leaf tips. Some direct sun but will scorch in hot, sunny, dry locations. Well-draining soil is best.

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