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Discocactus Boomianus


Grown in a 70mm pot, Discocactus Boomianus thrives in Australian conditions. With its love for full sun and resistance to drought, it’s an ideal addition to your garden. Our Ipswich Nursery offers these unique cacti, known for their striking appearance and night-blooming white flowers. Enjoy easy care with minimal watering during the growing season and ensure the soil dries out between waterings to prevent rot. For those seeking rare succulents, visit our Nursery in Ipswich, or conveniently buy Discocactus Boomianus online. Transform your garden with this exotic beauty, perfectly suited to Australian climates.

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Product Information: Discocactus Boomianus

Introducing the Discocactus Boomianus, a rare and captivating addition to your succulent collection. This unique cactus offers a touch of exotic beauty and is surprisingly easy to nurture, making it an enticing choice for both novice and experienced gardeners alike.

Discocactus Boomianus thrives in a warm and sunny environment, making it ideal for those seeking a low-maintenance yet striking plant. Place it in full sun during the summer months, but ensure it receives some afternoon shade to shield it from scorching temperatures.

While they are slow-growing, it’s crucial to prevent overwatering, especially during the growing season. Discocactus Boomianus prefers to dry out completely between waterings to avoid root rot. Their delicate root systems are not efficient at absorbing excess moisture, so be cautious not to drown them.

Also known as Discocactus Zehntneri subs Boomianus, this cactus offers a unique charm that sets it apart from other succulents.

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For succulent enthusiasts and those in search of rare specimens, our succulent nursery offers Discocactus Boomianus. If you’re wondering, “Where can I find a succulent nursery near me?” consider visiting our Nursery in Ipswich or exploring our cacti online. We provide a wide variety of succulents, including cheap succulents in Brisbane, perfect for those on a budget.

These plants are excellent choices for gardeners seeking drought-resistant options. Their ability to endure dry spells makes them a wise addition to any collection.

Discocactus Boomianus may take some time to establish itself and may not enjoy frequent repotting. But the rewards of their striking appearance and night-blooming, white flowers are well worth the wait.

In conclusion, Discocactus Boomianus is a rare gem in the succulent world, with its unique appearance and relatively low maintenance requirements. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting this plant’s exotic allure will undoubtedly make it a conversation piece in your garden. Buy Discocactus Boomianus today and experience the joy of nurturing this captivating cactus.

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Australian Desert Blooms Nursery is producing many more cacti, cactus, and succulents for you to buy online. If anytime this cactus is out of stock know for sure that it will be back as quickly as possible. We produce all our stock here in Ipswich near Brisbane.


Watch your Discocactus Boomianus for the first couple of months to check if they are happy where they are.

Discocactus Boomianus requires more light if it looks like stretching out of shape. Burning is a common fact when having new plants. Best to gradually give them more light as the weeks go by. Instead of placing it in the straight sun.

Allow them to sit for a week before giving them a good drink. Depending on the season. Make sure they dry out completely before watering again. Don’t forget to give them a spray with soapy water to keep the bugs off them. And provide very good ventilation.


We harvest our seeds all year round as well as buy commercial seeds from overseas. To always have different varieties coming through each year.

Sowing Instructions

Three conditions are required, light, heat, and humidity for germination. The cactus mix should have good drainage with no fertilizer in it. The temperature for germination is about 15 degrees to 35 degrees. Cacti like to have a little bit of light for germination, but no direct sunlight. In the first 4-8 weeks of gemination place in shaded with indirect sunlight. Make sure they are kept moist very important not to allow them to dry out. At this point, they are fragile plants, patience, and experience are needed. Gradually allow them to have more sunlight as they grow larger.


All photos have been taken in their natural growing conditions and no adjustments to the photos have been made for selling purposes. Photos displayed are to be used as a guide only, as the cactus and succulents you received may vary in size and shape. The largest size cactus or succulents, we have available at the point of sale will be provided. For easy identification, a name tag will be provided.


All Discocactus are sent bare-rooted with no soil or pot and wrapped in paper. Posted on Monday to Wednesday each week and sent by Australia Post service. Sent express post for any size parcel.

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"Discocactus Boomianus"