This plant is winter dormant and an easy species to grow. Just don’t overwater it. Grows to about a medium-size plant. Ideal for feature pot in a well-draining garden. Grown in 70 mm size pot.

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Euphorbia Fruticosa is blue-green stems or pups, clumping columnar species, short spiny. The plant offsets from the base also on the body. Bright light areas are best. Regular watering in summer and reduce in winter as they prefer kept dry. Euphorbia Fruticosa requires a well-draining compost also shallow pot.

Planting Plant

Watch your plants for the first couple of months to check if they are happy where they are.

The plant requires more sunlight if it looks like growing out of shape. Burning is a common fact when having new plants. Best to gradually give them more sunlight as the weeks go by. Instead of placing it in straight sunlight.

Allow them to sit for a week before giving them a good drink. Depending on the season. Make sure they dry out completely before watering again. Don’t forget to give them a spray with soapy water to keep the bugs off them. And provide very good ventilation.

Condition of the plant

All photos have been taken in their natural growing conditions and no adjustments to the photos have been made for selling purposes. Photos displayed are to be used as a guide only, as the plants you received may vary in size and shape. The largest size we have available at the point of sale will be provided. For easy identification, a name tag will be provided.

More Variety of Euphorbia for sale in the shop.

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