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Mammillaria Albescens 100mm


Mammillaria Albescens, a captivating cactus, thrives in Australian gardens. With its unique white spines and cylindrical shape, it adds charm to any collection. To grow successfully, provide well-draining soil and ample sunlight, avoiding prolonged exposure to extreme heat. Water sparingly, allowing the soil to dry between waterings, especially during the hot season. Shield from frost during winter to ensure its well-being. With minimal care, Mammillaria Albescens will flourish in Australian climates, bringing a touch of desert allure to your indoor or outdoor space, making it a perfect choice for cacti enthusiasts across the country.

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Product Information: Mammillaria Albescens 100mm

Hailing from the arid landscapes of Mexico, the Mammillaria Albescens stands out with its exceptional drought tolerance, making it a top choice for gardeners in dry regions. This cactus, a member of the Cactaceae family, features small cylindrical stems adorned with striking white spines, adding a touch of elegance to any garden.

To promote its optimal growth, ensure well-draining soil, abundant sunlight, and minimal watering. Over time, it exhibits a natural tendency to produce offsets and form captivating clusters. Its remarkable feature, though, is the stunning pink or white flowers that bloom, injecting a burst of color into your garden.

This versatile cactus appeals to a wide range of gardeners, especially those seeking low-maintenance plants for arid environments. Its compact size makes it perfect for gardeners with limited space, while collectors appreciate its unique characteristics. With its eye-catching blossoms and minimal care requirements, Mammillaria Albescens is a delightful addition to any garden or collection, leaving a lasting impression on gardening enthusiasts.

Also known as Mammillaria Decipiens subs albescens, Dolichothele albescens, Krainzia decipiens subs. albescens, Pseudomammillaria albescens

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Watch your Mammillaria Albescens for the first couple of months to check if they are happy where they are.

The mammillaria requires more light if it looks like stretching out of shape. Burning is a common fact when having new plants. Best to gradually give them more sunlight as the weeks go by. Instead of placing it in the straight sun.

Allow them to sit for a week before giving them a good drink. Depending on the season. Make sure they dry out completely before watering again. Don’t forget to give them a spray with soapy water to keep the bugs off them. And provide very good ventilation.


We harvest our seeds all year round as well as buy commercial seeds from overseas. To always have different types coming through each year.

Sowing Instructions

Required for germination, light, heat, and humidity. The succulent mix should have good drainage with no fertilizer in it. The temperature for germination is about 15 degrees to 35 degrees. Cacti like to have a little bit of light for germination, but no direct sunlight. In the first 4-8 weeks of gemination place in shaded with indirect sunlight. Very important not to allow them to dry out and to keep them moist. Patience and experience as they are fragile plants. Gradually allow them to have more sunlight as they grow larger.


For selling purposes, the photo on the website has no adjustments, and also natural growing conditions. Used as a guide only, photos displayed may vary in size and shape then what you received. The largest size cactus or succulents, we have available at the point of sale will be provided. For easy identification, a name tag will be provided.


Fast and secure shipping for Mammillaria Albescens: Expect it bare-rooted and wrapped in paper. Dispatched via Australia Post from Monday to Wednesday, choose regular or express post for swift delivery.

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"Mammillaria Albescens 100mm"