This is a small family business, which has many different varieties for sale, but some are not for wholesale due to how slow it grows and quality I have. 

Wholesales plants for sale, requirements is min order of 4 trays.  Can choose from 70 mm and 100 mm size pots. The tray hold 35 plants for 70 mm size pots which has 5 the same by 7 different varieties. The other tray hold 100 mm size pots which has 4 same by 5 different varieties. 

This page is design for customers who have a nursery, shop, landscapes business or markets holders. 

If you are interested in applying for wholesale account. Please fill in the form below and I will get back to you soon.

You will receive an email with attached file with the list of plants for sale at the time of request. At different times of the season more or less varieties will be for sale. Fill in the attached form of which ones you want.

Delivery for local customers within the 100 KM can be arrange by us or by your own courier. Prices will be on attached file. Sorry to say if your business is further than this please arrange your own courier to pick it up from us. 

Payment options will be on attached file. Payment will need to be made before delivery.